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Saturday, March 21, 2009

epoch Sole Solution

I've been bad & haven't been using the Galvanic Spa on my tummy like I should. I'm a creature of habit, so I need to get it worked into my routine. I have been using it on my face though, with the ageLOC gels and I LOVE it. My face feels fresh and looks radiant. My eyes don't look quite so tired.

I did decide to try out other NuSkin products. I've begun to use Sole Solution every morning before I put on my socks and shoes. Summer is on the way and I'd like to have pretty feet when I wear sandals. And when we go swimming...

Right now, not so much... Those pics were from last week, and they have improved already. But, I'm expecting much more considering how much the man that I ordered through gushed about his results. So, I'll give it a little more time and then have some after pictures.

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