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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Giveaway Time!

I'm really excited to announce our first Giveaway! It will be for a Body Care Essentials Package. This includes Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer (8.4 oz), Liquid Body Lufra (8.4 oz), and Liquid Body Bar (8.4 oz). Retail value $47.50. (Our bag is slightly different. It has a zipper rather than a drawstring.)

Here is how to enter: Go to the Nu Skin Optimizer, take the quiz, come back here and leave a comment with your results.

You can also receive additional entries (the first is mandatory) by choosing some or all of these:
**Print out your results with my Distributor name and number: Jessica Jensen US1097902 Come back here & leave a comment.
**Go to the Product section of the Nu Skin site, learn something new, come back here and leave a comment on what you've learned.
**Follow the Spa At Home Mom blog. Leave a comment letting me know.
**Follow me on Twitter. There is a link on the right of the blog. Leave a comment letting me know.
**Tweet about this giveaway using the hashtag #SAHMNuSkin Leave a comment here with a link. Limit 1 tweet/day.

This giveaway is open until May 31st 10pm PST. Winner will be announced June 1st. Please leave your email with each entry if it's not listed on your profile.

If you'd like to place an order, contact me. I can set you up as a Preferred Customer. This will allow you to purchase products at wholesale, rather than retail price.

Have fun!


  1. Guess I am the first! I took the quiz but I couldn't copy and paste it. I did email it to myself.

  2. I printed it with your info. on it.

  3. It wouldn't let me copy and paste it so I emailed it to myself first but when it arrived the email was blank.

    This is what I got:

    Pharmanex Optimizer Product Recommendation



  4. I'm following your blog now.

  5. I learned: The Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White® System targets all three phases of the skin discoloration process. This scientific method works to minimize the activation, synthesis, and expression of melanin

  6. I'm following you on twitter now (quelleheure4)

    Your twitter button doesn't show though. I had to do some sleuthing to find you. :)

  7. I love this!! Have you heard the latest about AgeLOC? Check out www.blogtalkradio.com/mtc and click on the call from June 27th. AMAZING!! DNA Youth Gene Clusters